At CES this year, we saw a number of Phablets, or large-display smartphones, coming from Alcatel and Huawei in hopes to deliver their own device seeing how popular Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has been. If you aren’t a fan of Phablets, then you’re going to be super bummed in 2013 as research firm iSuppli is predicting they’ll be more popular this year.

According to iSuppli, Phablets are expected to reach over 60 million shipments this year, which is up from 25.6 million shipped last year. By 2016, iSuppli expects the Phablet market to reach approximately 146 million units shipped worldwide.

iSuppli’s director of small and medium displays Vinita Jakhanwal believes the change in Phablet popularity is due to our demand for better mobile experiences:

“The move to offer larger-display smartphones reflects the efforts of both device and panel makers to differentiate their products,” Vinita Jakhanwal, director of small and medium displays at IHS iSuppli, said in a statement. “With consumers demanding more lifelike viewing experiences, the trend to offer such devices makes perfect sense, especially considering the increase in rich content that is being made available on smartphones.”

If iSuppli’s predictions turn out to be true, we’re hoping we can expect the pants industry to work on longer pockets to help us carry around all of these Phablets around.

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