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Lenovo Has New Windows-Powered Phablet In The Works
Lenovo of China was supposed to roll out smartphones that run on the Windows 10 platform some time in the middle of last year, but it looked as though that failed to happen – as time proved it so. Well, this did not mean that Lenovo had sounded the death knell for Windows 10 devices, as it looks as though there is new proof that the China-based company is working […]

Galaxy Note5 Competitor From Huawei In The Works?
It looks like some time next year will see the Samsung Galaxy Note5 get a competitor – an actual one, rather than one of those pseudo-phablet handsets which is all bling without much substance at all. Not only that, this particular competitor is said to hail from the folks over at Huawei, who have already started work on the upcoming Nexus devices that will sport up to 128GB of internal […]

Sharp Mini Phablet Hits The FCC
The FCC does have its fair share of interesting devices that pass through its revolving doors from time to time, and while we have seen what some claimed to be the upcoming Xperia Z4 from Sony, here is a rather rare appearance from Sharp – with a device that has been described in a most interesting manner by the Japanese firm, calling it a “dual mode hand held mini phablet.” […]

Vivo PD1305 Could Be New Flagship Phablet
Vivo is a name that is definitely making waves in the smartphone scene. After all, they were the ones behind the Vivo X5 Max which was revealed just a couple of days ago, being touted to be the thinnest smartphone in the world – which is definitely a bold claim, to say the least. Well, it seems that Vivo are not content to remain where they are, and have been […]


Samsung SM-G750 Could Be Galaxy Mega 2
We have had word on the Samsung SM-G750 in the past, where it was rumored that this handset will appear on AT&T as well as Sprint, not to mention it having the possibility of being the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo. Well, in the latest twist of events today, the Samsung SM-G750 might be the Galaxy Mega 2, at least according to serial leakster @evleaks.

Digitimes: HP Looks At $250 Devices
HP did involve themselves in the world of smartphones before, where their Windows Mobile devices (yes, you read that right – Windows Mobile and not Windows Phone, going to show how long ago that was) did make some waves in the mobile market back then. Having said that, HP might very well be looking at entering the mobile device market game again, where the folks over at DigiTimes have reported […]

Samsung Wants To Make 'Fonblet' A Thing
There was a time when a clear line existed between a tablet and a smartphone, but that line has long been erased, courtesy of a phenomenon commonly known as the “phablet.” The phablet is basically a device that has a large screen, larger than a conventional smartphone and smaller than a conventional 7 inch tablet. Quite a lot of people out there don’t like the term phablet, and if that […]

Swype 1.6 For Android Brings Small Keyboards To Phablets
We know it’s hard to believe, but there are still people out there who own a smartphone with a touchscreen that can’t get a handle of its on-screen keyboard. That’s why applications like Swype are so important as it allows those who have trouble typing on touchscreen devices actually feel like they can hold a real conversation without the other person thinking they had a stroke due to the amount […]

Phablet, Bitcoin, Twerk And More Added To Oxford Dictionaries
We’ve seen a number of “popular” words become part of our history books once the Oxford dictionary adds them to their dictionaries. It looks like that time is upon us once again as the Oxford Dictionaries has added a number of recently popular words, many of them have been upgraded from their slang-term origins.

Nokia Reportedly Unveiling Multiple Devices Next Month
We’ve recently been hearing rumors that Nokia is working on a phablet and a tablet. The Finnish manufacturer is yet to confirm anything, but according to a report by Reuters, Nokia is going to unveil new devices with “large screens” next month. Citing sources familiar with the manufacturer’s plans, the report claims Nokia will be unveiling these new devices to revamp the Lumia lineup as well as challenge Samsung’s dominance in […]

Nokia RM-940 'Bandit' Phablet Receives Bluetooth SIG Certification
It is believed that Nokia is developing a 6 inch 1080p full HD display touting phablet which it will release around the holiday season. Rumors about this device are slowly trickling in, this phablet is said to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quadcore processor and a 20 megapixel rear camera. Bluetooth SIG filing reveals that the model number of this phablet might be RM-940. We’ve previously known this phablet by […]

Apple Considering iPhones With 4.7-Inch, 5.7-Inch Display [Rumor]
A new rumor is circulating saying Apple is considering building larger screen iPhones.

Acer Liquid S1 Is Company's First Phablet Featuring 5.7-Inch HD Screen
Acer announced its first phablet today called the Liquid S1, which will sport a 5.7-inch HD display.

Sony Togari L4 Phablet Could Include Stylus Support
Sony's Togari L4 phablet is said to offer keen competition to the Samsung Galaxy Note range when released.