lenovo-phablet-leakLenovo of China was supposed to roll out smartphones that run on the Windows 10 platform some time in the middle of last year, but it looked as though that failed to happen – as time proved it so. Well, this did not mean that Lenovo had sounded the death knell for Windows 10 devices, as it looks as though there is new proof that the China-based company is working on a Lenovo device that will run on Windows 10 based on the leaked image that you can see above.

Seen at a Microsoft event in China some time this week, this particular device would lean closer to the phablet territory as opposed to that of a regular smartphone, where it comes with a metal frame alongside rounded corners for that premium look. One will be able to check out the Lenovo branding that is located on the top-left, while there is a button with the Windows logo right smack at the bottom-center.

Unfortunately, the other stuff that we would most certainly be interested in, such as hardware specifications, pricing details and availability, remain pretty much a secret as at press time. Ah well, as with all rumors, we will just have to sit tight and be patient.

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