You know something? When the chips are down, it makes sense to try just about anything, and I am quite sure that RIM, while they are rather optimistic about their upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system and slew of devices which will run on it, might just look towards the Windows Mobile model by licensing BlackBerry 10 to interested hardware manufacturers. This was shared with a German newspaper by RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins, and who knows, eventually RIM might even bail out from the hardware business entirely and focus on software development.

Do you think that this will be a route that RIM takes should BlackBerry 10 be an unqualified success? Perhaps, and it does free up resources by folks over at RIM to devote entirely to the software side of things, and I am quite sure that sometime down the road, should no one else want to build BlackBerry hardware, they can always wipe the dust off the old production shelves and churn out their own devices. Perhaps it is best to spread their eggs in as many baskets as possible, no?

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