Hmmm, will robots eventually take over other of the more mundane tasks and jobs that we humans do? I suppose a certain degree of automation at factories worldwide has caused many to lose their jobs as they are made redundant, especially when a robot is capable of performing their task much faster and more efficiently without getting tired than human counterparts. What is the next possible job to get obsolete? Would flipping burgers be one of them? Probably, but I don’t think so, as it is more of an art than an exact science when it comes to flipping burgers. Alpha machine from Momentum Machines, however, is still capable of cooking up a storm with its tasty burger, and has been touted to produce “gourmet quality burgers at fast food prices.”

Taking advantage of a conveyor belt-type system, the burgers will be freshly ground, shaped and grilled according to the customer’s preferences, and when the burger is completely cooked, the Alpha will then slice the tomatoes and pickles, placing them on the burger before wrapping it up. It is said that the Alpha machine can dish up 360 hamburgers each hour, now how about that? Sure sucks to be made redundant by a robot, no?

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