The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini was rumored in recent times to come with new colors, and while this tactic worked amazingly well with the Nintendo DS Lite back in the handheld console’s heyday, it might not fare too well with smartphones. Still, you can never quite tell just when a particular marketing move will end up successful, can you? Here we are with word that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (i8190) will soon arrive in four new colors – namely black, grey, red and brown.

This quartet of new shades will not be made readily available for purchase just yet, but they ought to arrive real soon. At this point in time, you can only choose from white or blue colors for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, so having four more color options is more than welcome. Tipped to retail for approximately €350 unlocked, do you think that this particular move will be able to see Samsung shift more Galaxy S3 Minis into the hands of consumers?

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