[CES 2013] At this year’s CES, we’ve seen a number of battery packs and cases as there are countless people, myself included, who absolutely need to carry some form of external battery with them at all times. But what if cellphones in the future don’t require us to constantly charge our devices in order to be sure we’ll have a full charge when we’re ready to head out into the world?

XPAL Power has developed a cell phone they’re calling SpareOne Plus which is touted as a cell phone that can last for 15 years. It runs on a single AA-battery and was created in order for its owner to have a spare emergency phone at the ready at all times. The SpareOne Plus can even make calls to emergency services (911, police, fire, etc.) without a SIM card.

The SpareOne Plus also includes a GPS tracker, which can be helpful for emergency services to locate you if you’re currently experiencing an emergency. Its location can also be displayed through an iPhone app, which would need to be paired with the SpareOne Plus beforehand.

If you actually use the SpareOne Plus as a phone, then the battery life drops from 15 years of standby time to about 10 hours of talk time. Just be sure whatever you have to say is super important, or else you could be looking at buying another AA-battery in order to get that 15 years of standby time again.

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