[CES 2013] We’ve been hearing whispers of Valve potentially entering the console market with a console of their own for months now, especially after their release of their Big Picture Mode. This year’s CES seems to have been the perfect place for them to finally unveil what they’ve been working on, which turns out it isn’t a console, but instead, a PC.

Valve has partnered up with Xi3 to reveal their prototype called “Piston.” The mini-PC is being built with Steam and Big Picture Mode in mind, but both companies were tight-lipped in regards to its specs or any other details regarding the project. What they did decide to share was the Piston PC will have 1TB of internal storage and will be based on Xi3’s X7a modular PC.

Seeing as the Piston is expected to be a mini-PC, you could technically consider this console-like as it could easily be brought into the living room for some gaming good times. Although we’re hesitant to see just how many non-gamers decide to drag this into their living rooms after it’s released.

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