Every generation of the Nintendo console, whether it is a handheld or a home-based model, deserves signature titles from the House of Nintendo. I am talking about having at least one Mario platformer title, and in recent times, a kart outing by Mario and gang, with a little bit of Zelda thrown into the side for good measure. Yes sir, the latest Nintendo console, the Wii U, is still short on the Zelda side – but not for long. Word has it that the Legend of Zelda will be arriving on the Wii U, where this High Definition adventure will make creative use of the Wii U’s gamepad,

In fact, Wii U owners will also be on the receiving end of “The Wind Waker” remake, where the original was last seen on the Gamecube, although you can be sure that this remake would have been optimized for the gamepad and the Wii U. We cannot wait to get more cel-shaded graphics interpreted by the Wii U, and the open ended seafaring gameplay would definitely roll back the years for many who are interested.

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