We have seen our fair share of videos in the past where the BigDog robotic mule is concerned, and have also spotted changes made to this robotic pack mule that might eventually be an indispensable battlefield assistant for our men and women who spearhead charges into enemy territory. The BigDog is wonderful to carry loads of equipment without tiring out, and has a special sense of balance in addition to not complaining about working conditions.


Thing is, BigDog is noisy when moving, so it cannot be used for covert missions. Still, another advancement has been made to the BigDog recently, where the BigDog has been given the ability to make use of its arm that was capable of picking up a lying cinder block, while carefully using the strength of the legs and torso to maintain its balance. Enemies of the good ol’ US of A, beware! There are far more terrors on the battlefield that you might soon face other than the battle hardened Marines. If only there were retractable arms in the BigDog to make it a six-limbed monster…

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