Seeing images of Beijing immersed in their thick smog with the blanket of air pollution falling over the thriving city brings back memories of the Silent Hill movie, where humans who are still alive there go about with birds in cages, wearing gas masks to protect them from the toxic fumes. Well, it seems that a British expat decided to make lemonade out of this rather dire situation by coming up with a smog-filtering bike and helmet system that he has called the Breathing Bike.

Matt Hope’s Breathing Bike will sport a rear-mounted dust filter which will hook up to a 5,000-volt power generator as well as a fighter pilot helmet that is equipped with a breathing mask. This was concocted in order to combat the nasty air pollution over at Beijing, but how practical is it for everyday use? It certainly looks very different from any of the solutions for the layperson right now, and assuming it can be mass produced without burning a hole in the pockets of users, it does seem to shape up to be a pretty decent addition to any DIY post-apocalyptic-style homemade solutions.

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