Hmmm, I suppose if you want to storm (pardon the lack of a better word) your way to victory in the world of e-gaming, then having the latest range of CM Storm RX gaming surfaces at your disposal might be an idea worth exploring. The Control-RX, Power-RX, and Speed-RX will make up the three candidates for the CM Storm RX, where each surface has been fortified with unique heavy-duty textures, and engineered for pinpoint precision alongside boasting highly responsive tracking in order to alleviate in-game symptoms and invigorate your gaming experience.


The Control-RX will target low DPI gamers, where its smooth Lycra surface and effortless glide touch delivers maximum area for precise movement, and is touted to be the most accurate sensor readings that helps prevent in-game jittering issues. With a thick, water resistant design, you can be sure that your marathon gaming sessions are a whole lot more comfortable.

As for the Power-RX, this gaming surface will make use of Surgical Strike Surface construction, which is a finely textured area that helps one execute precise and intricate movements without breaking a sweat. The specifically formulated material also functions as a water resistant guard against splashes, spills, and sweat.

Last but not least, the Speed-RX was specially created for high-grade optical gaming sensors, although it would play nice with all laser sensors, too. Equipped with a microscopic synthetic mesh for optimum precision, it features reduced drag, an aggressive non-slip rubber base, and better overall comfort.

Expect the Control-RX and Power-RX to be available for $34.99 each, while the Speed-RX is more affordable at $24.99. [Press Release]

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