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KFC And Cooler Master Launch A Console With A Built-In Chicken Warmer
KFC, a brand that many people are familiar with when it comes to deep fried chicken. Cooler Master, another brand that PC gamers are familiar with for designing parts like cooling fans and gaming peripherals. Two brands that appear to be quite different from one another, but yet they have come together to create the KFConsole.

Cooler Master Unveils Storm QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard
Mechanical keyboards are one of those things you will either love or hate. You will probably love it due to the noise it makes which is pretty pleasing while you type, not to mention the tactile response is noticeably more compared to flatter, laptop-styled keyboards. On the flip side these are probably the same reasons you might find to dislike a mechanical keyboard, claiming it might be too noisy and […]

Cooler Master Unveils Quickfire Stealth Mechanical Keyboard
For those who love typing and receiving both tactile and audio feedback while they bang away at their keys, mechanical keyboards are probably the way to go over their rubber domed, scissor-styled keyboards which offer quieter profiles and softer touches. Now if you’re in the market for a new mechanical keyboard, Cooler Master has unveiled the Quickfire Steam mechanical keyboard which is essentially a more refined version of its Quickfire […]

CM Storm RX Gaming Surfaces Hopes To Give You An Edge
Hmmm, I suppose if you want to storm (pardon the lack of a better word) your way to victory in the world of e-gaming, then having the latest range of CM Storm RX gaming surfaces at your disposal might be an idea worth exploring. The Control-RX, Power-RX, and Speed-RX will make up the three candidates for the CM Storm RX, where each surface has been fortified with unique heavy-duty textures, […]


Cooler Master launches CM Storm QuickFire Pro Gaming Keyboard
From a report spotted on Geeky-Gadgets, Cooler Master, the brand synonymous with temperature controlling solutions for desktop and laptop computers has launched a new version of their gaming keyboard called the QuickFire Pro. While it looks very different from the QuickFire, this keyboard has been designed to be smooth and good-looking. To substantiate that claim, the company has even decided to have laser engraved keycaps with a matte finish.

Cooler Master Storm QuickFire gaming keyboard
When one mentions the name Cooler Master, we would normally think of computer chassis that are top of the line, catering to those who want to maximize their gaming potential with high end parts. Well, today is slightly different as we bring you word on the Storm QuickFire gaming keyboard. Similar in many ways to the Corsair Vengeance K60, the QuickFire will feature Cherry MX switches in a trio of […]

Cooler Master Silencio 550 tower case loves shacking up with librarians
Silence is golden, which is why manufacturers of some hardware tout the silence of their devices as part of the deal. Well, Cooler Master, a veteran in churning out PC cases and chassis for the masses, has another tower in the making that will have those who treasure silence lvoe it – the aptly named Silencio 550. Merging style and smoothness, with strength and stealth, Cooler Master’s Silencio 550 has […]

L3p D3sk is literally a desktop computer
In the world of PC modding, there are practically no rules to follow. So for Cooler Master’s 2011 Case mod competition, all the stops were pulled as PC modders set out to create the coolest, most bad ass, off the hook PC case ever. And in the scratch build category, one of the mods caught our eye. Hailing all the way from the Netherlands, the L3p D3sk by L3p is […]

Bods Mods' TRON Lightcycle PC is the bee's knees
Some say that PC case modding is a form of art, and if you were sitting on the fence requiring more concrete evidence, then surely even the TRON Lightcycle PC from Bods Mods is capable of swaying your mind. This is not a street legal version of the fantasy vehicle in the 3D blockbuster that was screened at the end of last year, as it measures just 40″ long (or […]

Cooler Master Spawn gaming mouse
Are you looking for a new gaming mouse since your old faithful has proven to be less than trustworthy these days? Of course, some might say that your gaming prowess is on the wane, but best to change the hardware first before coming to terms with the truth. Cooler Master, a brand name normally associated with computer peripherals that keep things running cool under the hood, is back with what […]

Cooler Master V6GT CPU cooler gets fashionable LED strip
If you happen to want to build a speed demon of a gaming rig, then chances are you would delve into the world of overclocking, which means a CPU cooler is in order. The Cooler Master V6GT CPU cooler might just fit the bill since it will cater to the flashy generation who seemingly wants aesthetics not only on the exterior of the computer, but on the inside as well. […]

Cooler Master Vortex Plus low profile cooler
Cooler Master has just rolled out its Vortex Plus low profile processor cooler that comes with a quartet of 6mm direct contact heat-pipes for maximum heat conductivity. Apart from its relatively small size, the Vortex Plus also comes with a Blade Master 92mm balanced PWM fan that is capable of hitting a mere 17dBA at 800 rpm, but you also have the chance of cranking it up all the way […]