Word has it that Google’s self-driving car could be ready in 3-5 years, assuming that’s the kind of thing you’re going after. However it looks like Google won’t be alone in the competition as another self-driving car in the UK could pose a challenge. This concept was cooked up by a team at the Oxford University and they claim that the component needed in order to turn your car into a self-driving vehicle would only cost around $150. That is one of the major differences between their concept and Google’s concept, as pointed out by Professor Newman.

“Well if you look at it, we don’t need a 3D laser spinning on the roof that’s really expensive – so that’s one thing straight away. I think our car has a lower profile […] Our approach is made possible because of advances in 3D laser mapping that enable an affordable car-based robotic system to rapidly build up a detailed picture of its surroundings.”

Despite their potential competition with Google, Professor Newman applauded Google’s efforts, and believes that it is possible to see such technology being commonplace within 15 years.

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