You know something? When the Egyptians were rained with hail all those years ago as Moses sought to lead the people out of Egypt to the Promised Land, boy, don’t the Egyptians wished that they had the Hail Airbag to protect their livestock. Basically, the Hail Airbag does as it says, protecting your precious new ride from hail stones that do nothing but wreak havoc and destruction on plants, animals and of course, cars.


The Hail Airbag will come with two layers, where the bottom one will remain strapped to your vehicle’s tires for obvious reasons, while the outer layer will inflate to offer an instant protective shell. It will inflate using your breath – no, I’m kidding, but rather, it will rely on a quartet of blowers that are powered by a tiny compressor. The compressor itself can run on either AA batteries, a car’s cigarette lighter or an AC outlet, where it will remain idle until the vehicle’s owner decide to activate it via remote control. The inflation will not be instant, but it will take around 5 minutes to fully inflate, where by then it is touted to be able to repel hail that is roughly the size of a softball. Depending on the make of your ride, the Hail Airbag will retail anywhere from $299 to $399.

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