Remember HTC’s big do not too long ago, when they announced their new flagship device, the HTC One, in New York City slightly more than a week ago? Well, it seems that the HTC One will live up to its namesake, by being the only one from the One range that will be introduced this year, which will definitely go up against tradition as we have seen different Ones appear in the past, such as the HTC One X, HTC One S, and HTC One V, which were duly joined by other variants including the One X+, One SV and One VX later on last year.

Well, the recently introduced flagship HTC One is meant to be a heavy hitter right out of the stable doors, and will be the only device to carry the HTC One name throughout the year, or at least that is what we managed to pick up from Phil Roberson, who is currently head of HTC for the UK and Ireland. I guess there will be no more HTC One family for 2013, the HTC One is it if you are shopping for a flagship device from HTC throughout the year.

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