So, you own a HTC Thunderbolt, which holds the distinction of being the first LTE-enabled smartphone from HTC over at Verizon Wireless, and for the longest time, you have been disappointed with hopes of seeing it progress from Android 2.3 Gingerbread to a more recent version of the Android operating system. Well, we are glad to say that all of that will come to an end right about now, as Verizon has announced that they have already begun to introduce the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update in stages to HTC Thunderbolt owners rocking to Verizon Wireless.

There will be a bunch of features thrown into the new update, including Face Unlock which ensures you are able to unlock your device using nothing but your face thanks to face recognition technology, all without the need for typing. Makes me wonder if it works as well by holding up a picture of your mug in front of the Thunderbolt. Anyone care to confirm?

Other than that, there is also a new Usage Center that helps you keep track of your amount of data usage from different apps, where you can then set warning levels, check app usage or even opt to turn off data completely. Check out the support page for the Ice Cream Sandwich update here for more details.

Update: Users have reported performance issues with this update. You may want to check that out before upgrading…

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