For several years, Apple’s devices have been ranked high in numerous customer satisfaction polls, but it looks as though their customer satisfaction dominance has slipped a bit with the iPhone 5.

According to a study carried out by mobile research firm OnDevice Research, 320,000 mobile and tablet users across six different countries were polled how satisfied they were with their devices. In the U.S., Apple’s iPhone 5 ranked fifth place (8.23) in customer satisfaction behind four Android devices: the Motorola Atrix HD (8.57), Motorola Droid Razr M (8.5), HTC Rezound 4G (8.32) and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (8.26).

What makes the results of this poll especially surprising is the fact the Motorola Atrix HD is considered a budget Android device as it’s currently available for free through carriers, as long as you sign a three-year contract when purchasing the device.

Considering how popular the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been since it’s release, it’s interesting to see not so many customers are satisfied with the device as it didn’t make the top 5 in OnDevice’s poll. Hopefully their Galaxy S4 will get customers to appreciate Samsung’s work.

As for Apple, no one knows exactly what they have planned for the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, but they certainly have a lot to prove to its customers if they want to keep them happy.

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