Folks living in Europe tend to get the shorter end of the gadget stick, but from time to time, there would be exclusive releases of a device that hits Europe before it arrives Stateside. This time around, the LG Optimus G has been announced to arrive in Europe later this month, never mind the fact that the more advanced LG Optimus G Pro has already been announced for a South Korea release earlier this week. Well, the LG Optimus G was first introduced in select markets at the end of last year. I suppose it was more of a show of whether markets would be receptive to the Optimus G or not, as this smartphone will debut in Sweden this month, with other European markets such as France, Germany and Italy to follow thereafter.


Well, the LG Optimus G that is Europe-bound will come with a vibrant 4.7-inch 1280 x 768 resolution IPS display which will be protected by scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 2, and LG claims that when it works in tandem with the Zerogap Touch technology, you can be sure that you (or rather, your eyes) ought to experience an extremely vivid display while your fingers will revel in the “smoothest, most sensitive touch experience on a smartphone today.” Really? You know what they say about such announcements and claims, you have got to try it out to believe it. Frankly, do you think that the Optimus G will have an audience right after the Optimus G Pro’s official announcement? Perhaps this is not a good time to quote “better late than never”…[Press Release]

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  • 1280x768
  • 318 PPI
13 MP
  • f/ Aperture
2100 mAh
    2GB RAM
    • Snapdragon S4 Pro
    • None
    ~$ - Amazon
    145 g
    Launched in
    Storage (GB)
    • 32
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