Our Microsoft Surface Pro review was published yesterday, but two topics that seem to be on everyone’s mind in regards to the Windows 8 tablet is its available disk space and its battery life. Seeing how these two categories are important to any potential tablet customer, Microsoft took to Reddit a few hours ago to answer questions from its community, which of course mentioned these two hot topics.

In regards to the Surface Pro’s available storage space, Microsoft points out those estimates “were conservative” as final product units should have 6-7GB of additional space, which means the 64GB Surface Pro should have 30GB available. The recovery partition, which can be removed, was originally added to the Surface Pro’s drive in order to have it readily available if needed. Shipping a USB recovery key was considered, but ultimately decided against due to concern of it getting misplaced.

The Surface Pro’s battery was also a main topic of discussion, to which Microsoft took the opportunity to compare its battery with another popular portable computer. “If you compare it to say a MacBook Air, you will quickly see that pound for pound in battery size vs battery life, you will find optimizations that puts Surface best in its class.” The reason why Microsoft chose a smaller battery was to keep the weight of the tablet under 2 pounds as well as thin.

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