Fans of the Monster Hunter franchise might be interested to learn that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be given the limited edition treatment for both platforms it will be launching on – the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. The game is set to be released this year, 23rd of March to be exact, and if you are the type that needs or would love to get their hands on the limited edition version of the game, here’s what you can expect. For starters, the Wii U limited edition bundle will come with not just the game itself, but a black 32GB Wii U console and a black Wii U Pro controller, which means that if you already have the Wii U console, we don’t really see much point in this version. The same can be said for 3DS owners since this bundle will come with a 3DS XL in black and will come with the game pre-installed. We’re not sure how much either version will cost, but we expect that it should cost around the same price of either console, except a bit more since the game will be included as well.


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