We are told to never rule out the impossible, as you cannot quite tell just when the impossible might just happen. After all, history is replete with examples on the impossible happening, and who knows? The tech world itself might be impressed with an upcoming (and obviously, yet to be announced) tablet that runs on Ubuntu from HTC, although what lies beneath the black cloth remains to be seen. It seems that a dozen or so devices are there, waiting to be unveiled, and reporters would definitely jump at the chance to catch a glimpse of those.


According to 9to5google who pointed out in the image above, one of those devices could very well a a 10-inch tablet, considering it is a whole lot larger physically compared to the other devices in tow. HTC’s luck in the tablet department has been rather poor actually, where their last notable release was the HTC Flyer that did not really fly off the shelves, pardon the pun. Who knows? They could very well try their luck with an Ubuntu powered HTC tablet this time around.

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