Novatel Wireless is fresh off the blocks with an announcement of a next-generation MiFi 2 mobile hotspot, where this is the first of its kind to feature a touchscreen display, and will also hold the crown to being the most feature rich mobile hotspot, at least when it launches with Bell on Canada’s largest 4G LTE Network later next month.

The MiFi 2 is said to introduce an entirely new user interface that will be based on a 2.8” multi-touch interactive color display, allowing users to control the MiFi device with but a single touch of a finger. It looks like a miniature tablet with its minimalist style and vibrant color screen, and there is even an integrated accelerometer that allows users to hold the device the way they like it, where the touchscreen will then adjust itself automatically. The MiFi 2 is able to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously, where it has 11 hours of battery life, even when handling intensive tasks such as streaming live video. This sure is the sexiest mobile hotspot we’ve seen so far! [Press Release]

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