When it comes to DSLR cameras, big brand names such as Canon or Nikon are typically mentioned, but let’s not forget that there are alternatives out there. Companies such as Pentax, Olympus and Fujifilm have been known to put out pretty decent DSLR cameras, but it seems that a recent report has gotten customers worried that Olympus could be ceasing the production of their DSLR offerings. This report has since been refuted in an official statement released by the company. Olympus also states that they will continue offering DSLR cameras alongside their mirrorless camera range, the PEN series. (you should also read our review of the OMD EM5 micro 3/4 camera)


It seems that this speculation stemmed from an earlier report about Olympus undergoing “extensive business restructuring” in its imaging division, which was on top of the downsizing which has already taken place. We guess there were some folks out there who were worried that this restructuring would mean discontinuing DSLR production, but we guess there was nothing to fear after all! What do Olympus fans think of their DSLR cameras? Would you gladly take one over a Canon or Nikon any day?

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