When it comes to the bathroom, I understand that different homes have different rules. For instance, some homes require one to put up the toilet seat once you’re done with it, while the opposite applies in other abodes. Well, some of us love to have reading material in the bathroom, while others loathe the thought of bringing anything else in. The Pedestal Stand is meant for the former, as it will target the technology savvy crowd who loves to mix up the presence of technology in their toilet breaks.

Basically, the Pedestal Stand for iPad from CTA Digital was specially designed so that you can make full use of your tablet even when you are busy trying to lay a log. It is a good thing that the feature is called FaceTime on iOS, instead of NoseTime, otherwise the person on the other end would have ended up fainting after smelling your “deposit”. Made of chrome, the Pedestal Stand sports a heavy base that ensures it does not topple over when in use, and has a 10-inch (25 cm) bendable gooseneck stand to keep your iPad in place securely.

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