Digital Treasures has conjured something that might pique the interest of road warriors, who tend to carry more gadgets and gizmos than they can contend with, and have a headache keeping track of all of them, since different devices consume various amounts of power with each day’s use, so to ensure that all of them will always have some juice to draw from, this is where the PowerFlask from Digital Treasures come in handy.

The PowerFlask itself certainly lives up to its name, looking to resemble the shape of a flask, and is more than capable of powering up to a trio of USB devices simultaneously, now how about that? Inside lies a rechargeable lithium battery that packs quite a punch, and it is said to tout enough juice within to charge a couple of iPads and an iPhone simultaneously. We are talking about 13,000 mAh of power here folks in the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and a couple of extremely bright flashlight LEDs are located at the top of the PowerFlask just in case you need some extra light while camping out during a zombie apocalypse or other equally stressful situations. The PowerFlask will play nice with the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows and Android smartphones, where each $89.95 purchase comes with a couple of 30-pin iPad/iPhone connectors, a USB-to-Micro-USB charging cable, a USB-to-Dual-Micro-USB charging cable, and a USB power adapter. [Press Release]

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