Ferrari by Logic3 is back with another prancing pony audio accessory to further deplete your bank account, apart from making you look stylish like all get out. Yes sir, we are referring to the R300 noise-cancelling headphones that will further expand the Scuderia Ferrari collection. Ferrari by Logic3, said, “There is no disputing the passion and energy that the Ferrari F1 team puts into every race, and it is with that same enthusiasm and attention to detail that we founded the Scuderia Ferrari Collection. We are delighted to be launching the R300, and believe that Ferrari fans and music devotees alike will love the design and sound.”

The R300 will merge a distinctive design alongside cutting edge technology, delivering amazing sound quality via its 40mm drivers that have been incorporated into a close-back design and Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology to help reduce unwanted ambient noise. Sporting robust, machined-crafted metal arms and diamond shaped grilles, you are more or less guaranteed to enjoy added durability and quality, while the ultra-soft ear pads made from enhanced breathable material deliver maximum comfort, all for $349 a pair. Any takers?

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