We did talk about how Verizon will be the last among the four major mobile carriers in the US to receive the HTC M7, and perhaps this is due to their commitment to the HTC Droid DNA which has proven to be one of the best smartphones from HTC to date, and recently, we have word that the HTC M7 might not be carried in Verizon stores so soon because the Droid DNA is still relatively new to the market. Heck, the rumor mill added more items to the menu that requires more salt with word that there might just be a Droid DNA+ in tow instead of the HTC M7.

Well, what can we make of it so far? Developer and HTC insider LlabTooFeR did tweet that the Droid DNA+ will share more or less similar hardware specifications as the HTC M7, albeit that it will come with a microSD memory card slot that was missing on the original Droid DNA. Which boggles the mind, as LlabTooFeR touted their sources that the M7 on other carriers will lack a microSD memory card slot. So, will the HTC M7 arrive on Verizon Wireless eventually, considering the rather close, for the lack of a better word, DNA shared between it and the Droid DNA+?

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