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New HTC One Teaser Seems To Be Camera Related
Earlier today we managed to catch a glimpse of what looks like the press shot of the upcoming HTC One, aka the HTC M7. We have to admit the device looks pretty sleek, although we can’t help but feel that there are some elements in its design that is reminiscent of the iPhone 5 and the Blackberry Z10. Putting that aside, a new teaser photo by HTC has been released […]

HTC One Launch Date: March 22nd [Rumor]
A few days back, we reported about the HTC One. It is now rumored that the HTC One will be launched on March 22nd. According to website HTC Source, the phone will be launched on Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Information about a possible contract with Verizon has not been given. The phone will have a 32GB version priced at $199 on a standard contract. For all those users who want […]

HTC One Name Confirmed
Are you still in two minds as to whether you are to call the upcoming flagship device from HTC as the HTC One or the HTC M7? Well, let some advertising make the decision on your behalf, as the recent Champions League soccer match between Celtic of Scotland and Juventus of Italy had electronic signboards that cycled through ads, flashing “HTC One” at a particular time. Of course, this is […]

HTC Wants Us To Get "Elemental" With Latest M7 Tease
In less than a week, HTC is expected to announce the HTC M7, the Taiwanese company’s flagship device of 2013. So far there have only been rumors regarding its specs and nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but check back with us on the 19th of February for the full details. In any case until then, HTC has begun to tease us with videos and photos which we can only […]


HTC One Render Leaked To Give Us a Glimpse At Sense 5
The reveal of the HTC One, or HTC M7 if you didn’t catch the possible name change late last week, has been gaining some steam the last few weeks leading up to its assumed reveal during HTC’s press event next week. It looks like we won’t have to wait until next week’s reveal as a render of the HTC One looks to have made its way to the Web earlier this […]

HTC M7 Could Be Named HTC One When Released
We’re 11 days away from HTC’s big event where we expect the company to unveil its HTC M7, although according to a new rumor, that may not even be what the device may be called when it makes its debut.According to evleaks, HTC could simply be naming its expected HTC M7 simply to HTC One. HTC currently has a line of HTC One devices like the HTC One X, HTC One […]

HTC M7 Teaser Features Beating Heart
We’ve been hearing a number of things in regards to HTC’s upcoming M7 Android phone like is ability to take ultrapixel photos instead of megapixels, its already assumed component shortages and we even caught a glimpse of its sweet, sweet housing. But HTC’s latest teaser for the M7 has raised a few questions.As you can see by the image above, HTC released a teaser that says “ALIVE SOON!” and features a heart […]

Verizon Might Get HTC M7 After All
We did talk about how Verizon will be the last among the four major mobile carriers in the US to receive the HTC M7, and perhaps this is due to their commitment to the HTC Droid DNA which has proven to be one of the best smartphones from HTC to date, and recently, we have word that the HTC M7 might not be carried in Verizon stores so soon because […]

HTC M7 To Face Component Shortages?
The HTC M7 seems to be making plenty of waves on headlines of different online publications in recent times, which would only bode well for the beleaguered Taiwanese company that has not seen the best quarters in recent memory. Hopefully the HTC M7 will be able to help lift them out from the quagmire, and its hardware specifications that lay on the high end side of things do seem to […]

HTC M7 To Feature Ultrapixels Instead Of Megapixels
Assuming you are one of the early adopters of the HTC M7, and one of your mates ask you over dinner to have a look at your device, while throwing in the question, “Just how many megapixels does this bad boy have?”, you can squarely look at the person in the eye and say nonchalantly, “None.” Watch his or her jaw drop with a question mark appearing right above the […]

HTC M7 Listed In Vodafone’s Inventory
Whenever there is a spanking new flagship device that is in the works or pipeline, you would know for sure that whispers and rumors would accompany said device. Well, the HTC M7 has definitely stirred up the rumor’s nest, hence it is not surprising to check out another leak from Vodafone Germany’s inventory system that listed the HTC M7, of course. This will be a high-end Android device that will […]

HTC M7 US Launch Partners Include AT&T, Sprint And T-Mobile
There are whispers going around that HTC will be launching their flagship device known as the HTC M7 across a range of US carriers first, where these will include AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Wait a minute here, one name is definitely missing from the list, and just what could it be? Verizon, of course, but it seems that the HTC M7 ship will dock late at Verizon’s dock for no […]

HTC Announces February 19 Launch Event Possibly For The HTC M7
We heard last week HTC was planning to launch its HTC M7 at a dedicated media event on February 19 and not during MWC, and wouldn’t you know it, an invite to an HTC event taking place in New York City made its way to our inbox. And you guys wouldn’t believe the date of the event. February. Nine. Teen.Yes – it looks as though previous reports of HTC launching its HTC […]

HTC M7 Housing Caught On Video
Adding to the HTC M7 rumor mill is electronic parts seller, ETrade Supply, that recently posted the middle and rear frames of the elusive HTC M7. As you can see in the video above, the rear housing looks similar to HTC’s Droid DNA, except for the metallic buttons and the camera ring. ETrade Supply says that the new piece is 7cm wide and 13.7cm tall, and it has a flat […]

HTC M7 Announcement On February 19
We all know that the HTC M7 is going to be the next flagship device from the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, and yesterday we did bring you whispers of the HTC M7 being confirmed for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint networks. Well, here is another rumor to chew over during lunch – word has it that the HTC M7 might actually be showcased prior to Mobile World Congress at a different event. […]

HTC M7 Already Confirmed For AT&T, Verizon, & Sprint? [Rumor]
Just as you were about to think that the HTC M7 rumors were enough to prove its actual existence, EvLeaks, known as the reputable surreptitious informant on Twitter, tweeted something that really got our attention. Just a few hours ago, EvLeaks tweeted saying, “HTC M7 confirmed for AT&T, leaving TMO as the only major US carrier lacking concrete evidence.” The surreptitious informant is claiming that the HTC M7 is already […]

HTC M7 Spotted In The Flesh
You know what is better than seeing a render of a particular device that is hyped up to be the next flagship model for a company? Why, seeing the real deal in the flesh, of course! The folks over at Android Police seem to have the privilege of checking out the HTC M7 that you see above here, and the beautiful thing is, this is the most realistic and clear […]

HTC M7 Render Seen
Well, well, what do we have here? A render of the yet unreleased HTC M7, although this situation would most probably change by the time Mobile World Congress rolls around. It is said that the HTC M7 will debut then, and this flagship device could be just the tonic required to help boost the ailing Taiwanese manufacturer’s fortunes. The render seen on the right is allegedly part of a short […]

HTC M7 Smartphone Detailed
Remember the HTC M7 that we covered not too long ago? Well, it seems that more details surrounding this purported flagship model for the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer has surfaced, and according to a previously reliable source, the M7 (as its codename depicts so far) will be a high end smartphone which will make its debut during a critical moment for HTC, as HTC looks forward to the future in order […]

HTC M7 Rumored
HTC did seem as though they are on the mend, as their recent smartphone releases have helped them arrest a downward slide. Well, the latest rumor to surround products from this Taiwan-based firm would be the HTC M7, which has been touted to make its way to the US market sometime in the first quarter of next year. Apparently, the HTC M7 is a high end device which is said […]