Chromebooks are not exactly known for their high end specifications, which is perhaps why they never really sold like hotcakes either. Well, the Acer C7 Chromebook is sorely in need of far more processing firepower than it packs at the moment, and where the original $199 model lacked in terms of a battery life that amounted to just 3.5 hours, the new refreshed Acer C7 Chromebook intends to compensate its weaknesses with a couple of key upgrades, namely a 6-cell, 5000mAh battery that offers (theoretically) twice the battery capacity as its predecessor, which should translate to around seven hours of computing, as well as 4GB RAM that doubles up on the previous 2GB.


Unfortunately, the processor will remain the same, with an Intel Celeron 847 1.1GHz processor running the show underneath the hood, but it ought to get the most basic jobs done without any hiccups, especially with the bump in the RAM count. How now, brown cow, is the refreshed Acer C7 Chromebook worth taking a look now?

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