The Boy Scouts of America is acknowledging games “as an important element in every culture around the globe” as they’re announcing today plans to offer a merit badge in game design.

For the past two years, the organization has been working with volunteers in the game industry to help build the program as scouts will be able to choose a number of types of games they’d like to create including card, board and dice games as well as smartphone games. Scouts won’t be required to learn any kind of coding as all they’ll need to do is write down their game ideas in a notebook in order to come up with its concept.

Earning the badge won’t be as easy as coming up with a new Connect 4 game called “Connect 5” as scouts will be required to analyze various games to appreciate and learn from them. The program also teaches the important of intellectual property, which is something we’re sure pre-teens would absolutely love to learn about.

The Boy Scouts of America plans on sharing more in regards to its game design merit badge at the upcoming SXSW Gaming Expo held in Austin, Texas.

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