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The Internet Archive is the biggest digital library that contains web pages, books, games, audio recordings, videos, and software tools.

Even though it is a non-profit entity, it keeps on adding and archiving a lot of things on the Internet.

Now, in an announcement on Sunday, Internet Archive revealed that it has updated its database of MS-DOS games by adding 2,500 more to the list. Of course, this is a big update.

It’s not just the number but the addition includes a lot of classic and some latest DOS games as well. The initiative to add these games was influenced by a project called eXoDOS which collects DOS games and features a huge collection.

The Internet Archive is different than eXoDOS – so if there is an issue you encounter with any of the games added, you should reach out to the Internet Archive (not eXoDOS).

It utilizes the emulator to make the games playable through your desktop browser. Personally, I tried some of them and it works just fine.

The announcement also mentions the addition of some iconic MS-DOS games like Mr. Blobby, Super Munchers, Street Rod, and more.

No matter whether you are an old-school fan of MS-DOS games or want to explore them for your research, the Internet Archive’s new collection of MS-DOS games should help you out.

In addition, I would also encourage you to donate if you think the Internet Archive is useful.

Have you tried any game yet? What do you think about the new additions on the Internet Archive?

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