Long plane rides aren’t the most fun thing, especially if you have long legs or have trouble sleeping. Sure there are many things one can do to pass the, such as watch movies, play games or read a book. While those might be more conventional ways of entertaining oneself, British Airways is taking things one step further by announcing plan in which they invite 100 innovators to participate in an 11 hour “UnGrounded” hackathon. The event will see 100 different CEOs, venture capitalists and Silicon Valley game-changers as they come together and try to come up with an “effective solution to this growing global challenge,” while flying from San Francisco to London. Upon the landing, the ideas that they have cooked up will be presented to delegates from the United Nations. It is certainly an unorthodox idea but it will be interesting to see what sort of ideas these 100 innovators will come up with at 30,000 feet.

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