Yes, we are quite sure that many of us out there are more than aware of the uproar that has surrounded EA for some time already, especially with the botched release of SimCity 2013, a title that has plenty of potential to be a blockbuster, but unfortunately, issues with its server has not endeared the game to most folks. What made the situation worse is EA not responding to a refund request where digital copies of the game were purchased, and Maxis (the company behind SimCity) GM, Lucy Bradshaw, mentioned that their programmers have been working hard to add new servers, although capacity alone is not their main concern.

Brandshaw said, ”We have teams producing new servers, but we’ve identified that many of our issues were related to how [SimCity’s] GlassBox [engine] managed the vast amount of simulation data through its database. We’ve addressed that and we’ve seen an 80% decrease in connectivity or responsiveness issues.” Hopefully things will look up for all you Sim-loving folks in the week ahead!

Not only that, EA has plans to offer one free game from its catalog to those who are affected. Hopefully it will be something updated and not from the past.

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