While old school billboards that are set up with printed paper can be defaced via acts of vandalism in the physical sense, electronic billboards which require far less manpower to change the face of it as all you need to do is to flash a new image or file, are susceptible to the dark art of hacking. Yes sir, those in the advertising world who decided to make the move from printed billboards to those with LCD and LED units might have overlooked such a danger, as an example in Belgrade, Serbia recently demonstrated.

The electronic billboard that was raised at Republic Square in the center of Belgrade is one that will not fail to catch the eye of anyone in the vicinity. The display has been hacked to depict the logo of The Pirate Bay, while sporting a peace symbol with a quote from Gandhi, stating, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

This whole exercise was done by a group of computer science students to show just how loose security is in the IT field, although the Serbian media claimed otherwise that Anonymous were the ones behind the attack, as those students trumpeted denials of being linked to Anonymous.

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