We did manage to catch a whiff of what is to come for the Android platform where Facebook, the social network that just about everyone has, will offer in due time. Assuming that Facebook’s future Android homescreen will take off like never before, there is every possibility that this could indirectly expose Apple’s weakness when it comes to the iOS’ closed environment, which is a polar opposite of what used to be touted as its strengths, namely a cohesive design as well as ease of use.

It must be said that Android’s level of flexibility offered to app developers has been a major selling point for some time now, especially to geeks and early adopters, although the average Joe on the street might not think too much of it. We do await with bated breath to see and hear what Facebook has in store for the Android loving masses this coming first week of April, as the invitation has been extended to “see our new home on Android”. Do leave your thoughts as to what will happen at this Facebook event.

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