As important as having a reliable home Internet connection is, we know there are people out there who simply can’t afford an additional $50 a month so they could constantly watch cat videos on their Facebook wall. There aren’t many cheap alternatives available in the U.S., but one company is introducing such a service today.

FreemPop offers a broadband plan for its customers to use up to 1GB a month for free as well as an additional tier of 10GB a month for $10. This kind of service would be extremely useful for Internet subscribers who are still stuck on dial-up and would like to be able to have a dedicated connection from their home.

FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols believes this is where FreedomPop comes in. “While average is 24-28 gigs per month, the average is skewed heavily by the whales,” says Stokols. “The median is actually 5.8 gigs, which is basically your non-streaming user.”

Stokols understands 1GB per month of Internet is a bit of a tease, but he believes FreedomPop’s $10 a month plan will hopefully disrupt the cable and DSL business. If what Stokols says is true in regards to the median of Internet use being 5.8GB per month, then we can certainly see the company shaking up the ISP business.

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