The news of Google Reader calling it a day in a few months’ time certainly proved to be quite a shock to those who did not expect such an announcement, and since then, other companies would love to take up the mantle and possibly, mindshare of those soon-to-be orphaned Google Reader users. In fact, the folks over at Digg have stepped forward with belief that Google Reader is worth saving, which is why they intend to come up with an RSS reader of their own sometime in the second half of this year.

Digg hopes that this attempt of theirs will be able to make the Internet a more approachable and digestible place to hang out (virtually speaking, of course), and has clearly placed it at the top of their priority list after Google’s recent announcement. Digg intends to identify and rebuild the best of Google Reader’s features (including its API), bringing them up to speed with Internet trends for this year, and hope to churn out a worthy successor along the way. Hence, they will obviously need help from the masses, including input from their readers, so you can always drop by Digg and share with them your two cents. [Press Release]

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