intel-graphicsModern day hardware has one advantage over the hardware of yore – a simple software update (all right, so coming up with a tweaked firmware is not that simple in essence, but you know what I am talking about here, don’t you?) is all that is required to offer a boost in overall performance, compared to having to purchase a totally new piece of hardware in the past. Well, Intel’s integrated HD 4000 GPU has been used in numerous devices in the past, so it is nice to hear that the silicone giant has announced a totally new graphics driver for the existing chipset, targeting machines that run on Ivy Bridge processors.

According to Intel, this new driver update ought to see improvement in graphics performance by up to 10%, in addition to lowering the overall power consumption, which is always a good thing whenever you deal with mobile devices. The upcoming Intel HD 4000 graphics driver will be version 15.31.3, and it is tipped for an early April release, which frankly, is not too far off away.

Update: the driver is out and available for download at

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