Lenovo-signWhen it comes to buying smartphones, brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC come to mind. While other manufacturers like Lenovo have smartphones of their own, they do not have the same amount of clout other manufacturers do, but perhaps that might change in the future should Lenovo combine forces with NEC. According a report from Nikkei and confirmed by sources from Reuters, Lenovo is reportedly looking to buy the mobile phone division from NEC. Apparently NEC has not been doing too well in the mobile phone business and are looking to cut their losses.

Considering that both Lenovo and NEC are in a joint venture to sell PCs in Japan, we wouldn’t be surprised if NEC made the offer to Lenovo first, although the report did state that NEC is still open to other potential buyers. NEC’s mobile phone business is currently a joint venture with Casio, but NEC owns a 70% stake in the business, and together both companies own about 6% of the Japanese market. NEC would definitely not be the first Japanese company to pull out of the mobile phone business, as back in 2012 Panasonic announced they would be withdrawing from Europe only after a year of attempting to enter the market.

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