Last month Google announced its new high-end computer called Chromebook Pixel. These products are essentially built for “cloud” users, basically those who mostly use services and applicated based on the cloud. The laptop has been built in collaboration with Samsung. While previous Chromebook products were moderately priced and were deemed affordable, the Pixel is in an entirely different league of its own. Its not just a conventional laptop, it also has a touch screen with DPI higher than that of the Retina Display Macbook Pro. Pre-orders began last month and Google said that they will begin shipping it in the first week of April.

The LTE Chromebook Pixel is priced at $1,449 whereas the Wi-Fi only Chromebook comes with a price tag of $1,299. The Google Play store page of Chromebook Pixel was updated today and it reflects the change in shipping date. Google will now begin shipping out LTE Chromebook Pixel to customers from 8th April. Have you pre-ordered one already? Any particular features you like about this and would you be willing to spend so much on a Chromebook Pixel?

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