In its attempt to fight for its users to experience episodes of Pawn Stars in as high definition as possible, Netflix started ranking ISPs dubbing Google Fiber as the best service to watch its video streaming service on. Since then, it’s been regularly ranking US ISPs, but today, the company is announcing it will now be ranking all ISPs around the world.

In last month’s ranks that include not only the US but the UK, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Ireland and Norway. In Netflix’s ISP Speed Index, Google Fiber is the clear global winner in the countries included as they come in at the fastest speed of 3.35Mbps. On the other side of the spectrum, Clearwire’s WiMAX came in last place with a download speed of 1.25Mbps.

Netflix’s ISP Speed Index will be updated monthly and be based off of its user’s steaming experience, which is comprised of 33 million members which Netflix says watches one billion hours of video every month. We’re sure until other ISPs decide their customers would actually want gigabit Internet, Google Fiber will continue to lead Netflix’s ISP Speed Index.

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