When Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag was announced, it was also revealed that the game would be arriving on next-gen consoles, presumably the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720, alongside the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC. However when Sony announced the PlayStation 4, they did not state when exactly it would be seeing a launch, except that it would launch during the holiday season. Microsoft has yet to unveil the next-gen Xbox, so that one is an even bigger mystery. However during an interview with OXM, Black Flag’s director, Jean Guesdon let slip a comment that hinted that both next-gen consoles by Sony and Microsoft could be seeing a release before November.


When asked if the game would see a simultaneous release across all platforms, Guesdon replied by saying “same ship”. Assuming that this is already set in stone and isn’t just wishful thinking on Guesdon’s part, a late October release for the PS4 and the Xbox 720 would certainly be possible. If you recall Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is pegged for a 31st of October release, and if Guesdon is hoping for a “same ship” date, a release by Sony and Microsoft before that date would make sense. We could be speculating a bit too much, but at the same time it is possible. Either way we expect Sony and Microsoft to make the official announcements in the near future, and if you’d like to check out the interview for yourself, it is in the video above (question comes in at 5:42).

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