There is nothing quite like the word “exclusive” to draw in an audience. Video game consoles have long had their own “exclusives”, with Mario starring only on Nintendo consoles, while Sonic used to be the mainstay of Sega until Sega folded as a hardware company, and the ilk. Well, how about the realm of movies? Do exclusives work? There is only one way to find out, and that would include doing the pioneering work yourself. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 decided to step onto the domain of movie theaters and premium cable subscriptions by launching Pulp, which is a British indie comedy that is exclusive to the console itself.

So far, the movie has been shortlisted at a bunch of film festivals, but that alone is not enough to generate the kind of publicity that creator Adam Hamdy wanted due to the insane costs of marketing less-than-famous films. Hence, thinking out of the box by jumping onto the Xbox 360 bandwagon. Hopefully with 77 million Xbox 360 owners around worldwide, some of them should at least view Pulp once on their respective consoles, spending nearly 2 hours of one’s life to appreciate Adam’s hard work.

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