skype-whatsappMost of the world is aware that Saudi Arabia is not exactly the most liberal of countries, mainly because there is no separation between religion and the state. Having said that, there are some rules in that particular country that would have folks living in far more liberal thinking countries wonder how did folks manage to put up with all of those restrictions for so long. Well, the latest bit of information to roll out from Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission is this – select Internet applications such as Skype as well as WhatsApp have failed to comply with regulatory requirements.

According to the state-owned Saudi Press Agency, the local services companies were informed that they are required to communicate with international application providers including Skype, WhatsApp and Viber to make sure that their offerings will soon comply with Saudi regulations. ‘Discipline’ will of course, be meted out in the event any service provider do not meet those requirements down the road.

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