Seagate, a name that is synonymous with hard drives is about to raise the white flag when it comes to manufacturing 7200rpm hard drives for notebooks. Yes sir, this is true, Seagate will no longer continue to produce 2.5-inch drives for notebooks, which means you will soon be unable to hear the sweet, sweet whirring and clicking of 7200 revolutions per minute within the belly of your notebook’s chassis. Surprising? Not really, considering how 7200rpm hard drives, being faster compared to the 5400rpm drives which are crammed into more budget oriented notebooks these days, do not have a market to cater to any more as premium notebooks lean towards SSDs or SSD/HDD hybrids.

This does not mean that Seagate will also quit the 3.5-inch 7200rpm hard drive market for desktop computers, at least, not for the time being. While Seagate has not yet ventured into the world of solid state drives, they have rolled out hybrid drives which will merge a spacious hard drive with tiny bits of far faster solid state storage, aiming to deliver the best of both worlds.

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