EA has certainly upset plenty of people with their recent SimCity release that had plenty of issues with the server. In fact, folks who have played SimCity are even more upset with the company now that they realized they were lied to – as EA did expressly mention that SimCity is unable to run in offline mode, resulting in a hacker managing to get down to the bottom of things, and show the world that you can continue playing “God” in your own SimCity title, never mind that your machine is offline.


Indulging in a little bit of package editing within SimCity, messing around with some of its code, allows one to enable debug mode. From there, it is possible to “break” the game, and enables editing outside of the artificially small city boundaries. Not only that, one can remain disconnected “forever” so to speak, and the population count will also reflect the actual figure instead of the “artificially inflated” one, which was why the hacker’s large cities showed a population of around 15k instead of 100k. How now, EA? It would be nice for you to man up on the situation and provide the relevant restitution.

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