playstation-4-ps4-psn-subscriptions-tieredAre you all stoked up concerning Sony’s upcoming console, which will be the next generation PlayStation 4, or PS4 for short? Well, if you are, the nice people over at Sony have revealed that the Sony PS4 will come with a very large hard drive, definitely surpassing what we see in today’s PS3 models, as it adopts a “play-as-you-download” feature which would surely result in the need for a whole lot more storage space. Not only that, folks living in countries where it is rather difficult to get a decent and stable Internet connection would probably see far lower adoption rates of the upcoming PS4 for obvious reasons, due to the waiting and load times that has shifted from disc-based loading all the way to the speed of your Internet.

At the Game Developers Conference, Sony dropped hints on the hard drive size, but stopped short of giving out an exact capacity. This was done via Chris Norden, a senior staff engineer at Sony’s strategy team, who mentioned, “There’s also going to be a very large hard drive in every console.”

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