xperia-zl-shipsTalk about being quick to the fore – we were just mentioning about how the Sony Xperia ZL is up and available for pre-order yesterday, and here we are slightly more than 24 hours later, that the pre-order status of the Sony Xperia ZL in the US has just been transformed to “shipping” – at least for the black version if that is the shade you are gunning for. The Sony Xperia ZL, also known as the C650X if you are a sucker for model numbers, carries the estimated release date of April 8th if you want the white and red variants.

The black version of the LTE SKU (C6506) is in stock for $759.99 a pop, and there does not seem to be any HSPA+ version (C6502) of the Sony Xperia ZL listed just yet as a pre-order, so perhaps a little bit more patience on your side is required. Come on now, how many of you out there cannot wait to lay your hands on the spanking new Sony Xperia ZL smartphone? It sure as heck is a looker if you ask me.

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