I am quite sure that you have heard of the name Ericsson before, especially when one considered how they were there back when the first Motorola StarTAC took the world by storm, and there were also Ericsson phones going around, before they merged with Sony to call themselves Sony Ericsson. Well, the mobile chipset industry can be a pretty ruthless one, with ST-Ericsson now falling victim after Texas Instruments began to ramp down on its investments in mobile chipsets, hence shutting down ST-Ericsson in the process.

ST-Ericsson is actually a joint-venture between STMicroelectronics and Ericsson, where just like the situation of a dead man who has his assets being divided among his kin, so too, will both companies share what’s left – not to mention after causing more folks to lose their jobs along the way, numbering around 1,600 in total with nearly half the amount being in Europe. On the bright side, at least no factories will see closure. How do you see the mobile chipset industry landscape change in the year as well as years to come?

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